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Fabrics with 50% Stretch

 A customer emailed: “I’m new to stretch sewing so unsure of the type of fabric I should be looking for. My pattern calls for a knit with 50% stretch”.

One of the attractions of sewing with knit fabrics is that you can be flexible in matching fabric and pattern.

For example, a pattern may be designed for low stretch knits. You can actually use the pattern with medium and even high stretch knits – all it means is that you may need to try on the garment before hemming, and run it in if it’s a bit loose. We do this all the time.

We even use patterns that Kwik Sew says are designed for woven fabrics. We use low stretch knit fabrics like our Knitwit Ponti and Knitwit Monaco for example.

And at the other end of the scale, where a pattern is sized for a high (50%) stretch fabric, we frequently use medium or even low stretch fabrics – we simply cut out a size bigger than normal, and run the garment in if necessary.

But getting back to the question, type “50%” into the search box above.