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Knitwit Rugby Knit Fabric (19 colours)

$16.95 / m

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Knitwit Rugby Knit Fabric is a  good quality medium weight rugby knit for a more casual look in tops, skirts, pants and shorts – a quality rugby knit in a big colour range. Knitwit Rugby Knit is a hardy fabric and if laundered carefully, not much ironing, if any, is required.

Knitwit Rugby Knit is low stretch, by which we mean less than 25%. If your pattern is sized for a medium stretch (25-35%) fabric, you can still use it, but you may need to cut out a size bigger.

Knitwit Rugby Knit is a two way stretch, by which we mean the fabric stretches in 1 direction only, from selvedge to selvedge.

Black | Ink Navy | Navy | Maroon | Bottle Green | Mocha | Red | Raspberry | Fuchsia  | Royal Blue | Storm Blue | Powder Blue | Wisteria | Emerald | Turquoise Green | Lavender | Dusty Pink | Cream | White

Matching rib for most colours.

Polycotton | 145cm wide 


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Black, Ink Navy, Navy, Maroon, Bottle Green, Mocha, Red, Raspberry, Fuchsia, Royal Blue, Storm Blue, Powder Blue, Wisteria, Emerald, Turquoise Green, Lavender, Dusty Pink, Cream, White

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