Knitwit Printed Jersey Knit Soho Blue

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Printed Jersey Knit Soho Blue is suitable for tops, soft skirts and dresses – easy-care i.e. doesn’t need ironing and great for travelling.

The top uses Kwik Sew 3766. This is an easy top to make with a band made out of the same fabric.

High stretch, by which we mean 50% stretch. If your pattern is sized for a medium stretch (25-35%) fabric, you can still use it, but you may need to take the garment in on the side seams after you have tried it on.

Two way stretch, by which we mean the fabric stretches in one direction only, from selvedge to selvedge, but if your pattern is sized for a four way stretch, you can still use this fabric.

If you need to, brush up on sewing with jersey knit fabrics.

[Spandex is the preferred name of spandex fibre in the US, and it is known in Europe as elastane, and in the UK and Australia as Lycra®. Spandex is actually an anagram of expands.]

95%Polyester/5%Spandex    145cm wide     Medium weight – 205gsm


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