Easy Sewing The Kwik Sew Way



Easy Sewing The Kwik Sew Way is ideal for sewing with Knitwit knit fabrics.

It teaches time saving methods that allow the creation of professional looking garments.

The book is simple enough for a beginner, yet exciting for an experienced sewer. The book contains patterns for knit tops, blouses, skirts, and pants; all in misses sizes XS through XL.

Using this book, an entire wardrobe can be created in a minimal amount of time.

There are numerous full color photographs of the garments, very detailed instructions and technical illustrations. The book covers creating garments from the master patterns and basic pattern alternations to make additional styles; the tips and techniques within this book will help any level of sewer.

The multi-sized master pattern is printed on durable white paper with colour coded lines for each size. The patterns are printed on both sides of the paper so we could include as many sizes and designs as possible. The master pattern includes five misses’ sizes from extra small to extra large. The master pattern pieces include seam allowances.

You will need to trace the master patterns using Knitwit Polytrace as they are printed on both sides of the paper. This also means you can use the master pattern again and again.

(In Kwik Sew books and patterns Knitwit Polytrace is often referred to as “tracing cloth made of transparent pressed fibers”. If you want to use the patterns in this book, you will need Knitwit Polytrace).

Easy Sewing The Kwik Sew Way by Kerstin Martensson    Soft cover – 88 pages