Burda Style Pattern 6440



Burda Style Pattern 6440 Misses’ sporty shirt dresses. Graded Easy. Misses’ sporty shirt dresses are the evergreens of fashion—they are always in style!

Dress view A features up-to-date safari-look details. View B with 3/4-sleeves is made in print fabric to create interest while styling details have been kept to a minimum.

Burda says that this pattern is designed for woven fabric but it is suitable for knits.

Size 10-20 in one pattern. All Burda patterns have seam & hem allowances. If you need to, brush up on sewing with jersey knit fabrics.

How to get the Right Fit with a Burda Pattern

Somewhere in every Burda envelope, there’s a very detailed measurement chart. The chart is usually on the pattern sheet itself, or sometimes on the instruction sheet.

Rather than just choosing a size from the back of the envelope, Burda suggests that you to measure the body at the areas marked on the chart.

Then, you look at the chart and circle the size number that is closest in each of these areas. The chances are that you will be several different sizes, one for the bust, another for the waist, and so on.

How to Trace a Burda Pattern

With a multi-sized pattern, it is much easier to make minor sizing alterations. As you trace the pattern you can gradually go from one size to another by following the lines for the various sizes.

For example, to alter a pants pattern and have a size 12 waist and a size 14 hip, you will watch the hip line of the pattern and gradually change from the size 12 waistline area to the size 14 line in the hip line area.

You also need to make sure you are keeping the changes consistent on all the connecting pattern pieces.