Belvedere Jacquard Stretch Woven Fabric (2 colours)

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Belvedere Jacquard Stretch Woven is a stretch woven fabric, not a knitted fabric, and the stretch provided by the spandex fibre. It is available in 2 colours.

The stretch runs parallel to the selvedge, which means that the stretch runs “the other way”.  You need about 1.50m for a size 14.

May need ironing. Suitable for pants, skirts or jackets.

White | Black

[Spandex is the preferred name of spandex fibre in the US, and it is known in Europe as elastane, and in the UK and Australia as Lycra®. Spandex is actually an anagram of expands.]

Rayon/Nylon/Spandex  145cm wide


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White, Black