Knitwit Interlock Knit Fabric Miranda Royal (Remnant 0.9m)

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Knitwit Interlock Knit Fabric Miranda is soft and cosy on both sides, ideal for casual t-shirts, camisoles, night wear, baby clothes, wraps or bunny rugs. It is also, remarkably, used to make shearer’s vests.

High stretch, by which we mean 50% stretch. If your pattern is sized for a medium stretch (25-35%) fabric, you can still use it, but you may need to run the garment in.

Two way stretch, by which we mean the fabric stretches in one direction only, from selvedge to selvedge, but if your pattern is sized for a four way stretch, you can still use this fabric.

65% Polyester/35% Cotton            145cm wide             Lightweight – approx. 175gsm            Country of origin – Australia

Sewing with Knit Fabrics

For knit fabrics, we use and recommend Gutermann Sew-All Thread, a top quality 100% polyester thread available in a huge range of colours to match your fabric.

You will need stretch needles for sewing knit fabrics. Use Schmetz Stretch needles – 75/11 on fine knit fabrics, and 90/14 on other knit fabrics.

Start each new project with a fresh needle, especially if the fabric contains cotton or wool. Blunt needles can leave holes on the stitching line.

Vliesofix Bondaweb Tape is a must if you want to get more professional looking hems and neck edges.

If you need more help, visit our sewing with jersey knit fabrics page.